Maeve Stone

Rehearsals ‘The Strindberg Project’: Day 2

After some stressful alarm clock issues this morning, I raced into the rehearsal room slightly late and flustered to find a content cast singing joyfully to a Grease number, accompanied by Tom Lane on ukulele.

If that can’t brighten your morning…

The working method today was similar to yesterday, focusing on exploring and experimenting, rather than on rehearsing anything definite. While yesterday focused primarily on space and light, today we concentrated more on sound and music. The morning was spent workshopping with different sound equipment, flitting between live and recorded voices and testing the most interesting and effective ways of communicating text. Technology can be a great thing, creating a whole other world of possibilities in performance. We were very eager to take advantage of the different toys Tom had brought along with him.

ImageAfter lunch, back in our chilly abode, we brought some of what we’d been working on in the morning into the performance space and found interesting ways of staging things. We played as much as possible with levels and tried to use areas of the room that may not conventionally be used in performance. What I’m really learning from this process is that it is always worthwhile to try things, even when something seems impossible or like it may not work. Sometimes, by pushing through those boundaries, some of the most interesting work happens. Other times, the crazy things in your head definitely don’t work, but at least you tried them and got it out of your system!

There was a great working atmosphere today, with high energy and good spirits from everyone involved. The cast were really open to giving adventurous ideas and throwing themselves into anything that was suggested. More than anything, today was a lot of fun. Highly theatrical and highly insane with a lot of singing and chair-dancing.

All shall be revealed on Friday/Saturday.  Mystery is key. This is us being mysterious.


Fionnuala – AD

Date: 07/01/14


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