Maeve Stone

Rehearsals ‘The Strindberg Project’: Day 3

Wednesday is over and we have now reached the halfway point of the process.

Today was a funny one. While we definitely got some interesting work done, I think it is fair to say that everybody was exhausted, making the day slightly less productive than the previous two.

During the morning session, we focused on one particular scene in terms of location, placing it in different rooms throughout the building and examining how each location gave it an interesting perspective. We also returned to a scene we had worked on during the first day and found that by giving it a few days to breathe, we had a fresh perspective on what works and what doesn’t work.


Throughout the day, Saileog spent a lot of time experimenting with the actors in terms of costume. There was great excitement as people tried on different pieces, finding something that was relevant to each individual character. Seeing everybody in costume made me start thinking about Friday and the idea of an audience coming to see what we’ve been working on. It’s an exciting but scary thought. We have to keep reminding ourselves that we will be presenting a series of ideas developed over a few days of work, not a finished product. While it relieves a little pressure being a Work in Progress, we are still all determined to deliver something that we believe is of a high standard.


After lunch we worked on the closing scene, something we always knew was going to be a challenge. We struggled with small things like finding the right staging or the suitable tone. It reached a certain point where I think we all knew we were too exhausted to make any breakthroughs and that it might be just as beneficial to return to it with a fresh perspective another day.

We made it over the mid-week slump and shall be back on the horse tomorrow, full of creative juice and energy.

Until then,

Fionnuala – AD

Date: 08/01/14


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