Maeve Stone

Rehearsals ‘The Strindberg Project’: Day 4

What a day! I am exhausted. We are all exhausted. But also very excited. Things are starting to come together.

In the morning, we worked on the opening scene, something we had played with in terms of sound on Tuesday but never tried to stage before. After that we had what Maeve likes to call a ‘wander through’ or more appropriately perhaps, a ‘wonder through’. Working through each scene chronologically gave us a better idea of the piece as a whole and the contrasting tones in each section. It also highlighted things that worked and didn’t work, giving us enough time to workshop certain sections further.

ImageWhile there was more of a ‘rehearsal’ feel today than the previous three days, we were still very much in workshop mode. Each scene was played with extensively throughout the day, with new discoveries being made each time. What has been so exciting about this way of working is the freedom it has given the actors and designers to constantly experiment without feeling the restrictions of sticking to one way of doing things.

Towards the end of the day, we decided to brave the beast and revisit the final scene.  While it initially seemed like it was going to be an enormous challenge, we found that we had much more energy today. This helped us return to the scene with fresh eyes and new perspective. By repositioning the audience and playing more with the space, we found that the scene began to work. It isn’t there yet, but we have tomorrow morning and afternoon to work on things further before we present to an audience. Also, it is always useful to remind ourselves that this is a Work in Progress and not everything we present will be or needs to be fully finished.


It has been a long and tiring week. On Monday we started with nothing and today we have a 40-minute performance. That’s an achievement, GO TEAM! As we finished for the day, there was a feeling of triumph and satisfaction. What we have created isn’t perfect, but each time we work on it, it gets better and better. Tomorrow, we will present what we have to an audience and that is exciting. I hope we have created something interesting that will make people curious to see the developed version in March.

All in all, today was great.

Until tomorrow,

Fionnuala – AD

Date: 09/01/14


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