Maeve Stone

The Performance ‘The Strindberg Project’: Day 5

Well, there we have it. Friday happened. An audience came and a performance occurred. It feels strange to be on the other side of the storm. After a week of chaos, I am now feeling calm knowing that we succeeded in doing what we set out to do.  With one more performance tonight, we are almost at the end of our weeklong adventure.

The day was just as busy as the previous days, with lots to rehearse and organize before 6pm. Everybody rose to the challenge and worked hard throughout the day to make sure everything was on target for showtime.

Most of the day was spent doing run-throughs of the piece (we’ve moved on from ‘wander- throughs’). While there were minor notes and small fixes between each run, there was a feeling that we had reached where we had hoped to reach and it was now a case of performing it for some people.


At 6pm, on the coldest and wettest night of 2014, an audience arrived to see our piece. It’s a strange thing to have people come to watch something you created in four days. Working on something so intensely for such a short burst of time means that it consumes you and it becomes difficult to see things objectively. I think we were all very curious and eager to have fresh eyes watching the piece, people who could give us feedback and thoughts at the end. Presenting our ideas was a fantastic way to finish a week of hard work and made it all feel worthwhile.

Undeniably, what we have created is mad, and more of an experimentation of ideas and space than anything else.It has also been a wonderful opportunity to start thinking about March and what ‘The Strindberg Project’ might develop into. I for one am very proud of what we have achieved and the positive atmosphere that was maintained throughout the week, even when it was freezing cold.

Roll on tonight!

Fionnuala- AD




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