Bodies of Water is an interdisciplinary collaboration that marries theatre and film in an innovative live performance, that unfolds in a gallery setting. It explores the relationship between two fictional artists through the work they made together. Created by Eoghan Carrick, Maeve Stone and Kevin Gaffney. 

Rebecca Dean is a celebrated artist and videographer. Her work explores the points of risk and relief between the body and water. When she disappears during a voyage at sea her partner and mentee, Vanessa Crowe is trapped in the echos of meaning that can be read in the films these women made together. It is a performance about art, grief, hubris and the limitations of any one form of communication.

This work is an intersection of theatre and film. Experimental video artist Kevin Gaffney will create several filmed artworks credited to Rebecca Dean. These will be made available to view in the gallery before and after a performance. The performance will be a staged intervention into the gallery space that will use these videos, and the process and context in which they were created, to build a narrative and explore the relationship between Rebecca and her collaborator Vanessa.

It has undergone four weeks of development at Fringe Lab with support from the Arts Council and Dublin Fringe.


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