Maeve Stone




Change of Address is a collective that was formed by three artists – Oonagh Murphy, Maeve Stone and Moira Brady Averill* – to bring together creative thinkers and refugees in conversation and collaboration. We believe the creative process is transnational. It is human. It does not depend exclusively on language and can be experienced by anyone, regardless of cultural context or personal history. Art is most potent when new culture meets old, where ideas become adopted, connected and expanded. The global migration happening right now will continue. It is a humanitarian crisis and a moment for personal and artistic response. We see the refugee crisis as an opportunity to begin the conversation between cultures. We want to use art, the process of creative thinking, to bond Irish artists to artists, creative and critical thinkers living in direct provision.

*Sadly, Moira passed away in September 2016. Our work continues with the memory of her voice and spirit.

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