The Shitstorm poster_Final_31-7presented by Dublin Fringe Festival and Abbey Theatre

Photo Credit: Cáit Fahey

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Written By Simon Doyle

Directed by Maeve Stone

9th – 16th September @Peacock Theatre


An hallucinogenic riff on Shakespeare’s last play; A West-Kerry Tempest. Miranda’s been stuck on the island with her dad Prospero for a while now and things have been pretty bad. His threats to give up his magic have always been hollow, until now. He’s run out on her and things have gotten a whole lot worse. Ariel is out of a job, Caliban is dangerously bored, and Miranda is a teenage girl with no supervision. When the real storm hits she finally starts acting like one. In this new play Shakespeare’s characters find themselves in an entirely different context. A modern mash-up with some fierce female music and a new girl at the microphone.


Development: TEMPER TEMPER

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