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“It is a voyage into the unknown, relax and let it happen”. – No More Workhorse

“A multi-talented cast”.  – The Reviews Hub

“Once Miranda starts to sing, she appears utterly transported, and what follows is a pure, unadulterated joy… An homage to the irresistible urge to create, irrespective of the classical, the forms, the college course, or all the right ways to go about doing things… The Shitstorm is the shit”  – The Arts Review 

“The Shitstorm is about self-belief, to be held to whether or not you’ve got anything worth believing in… Directed slickly by Maeve Stone” – Sunday Independent

“A mythical times-cape, creating a pastiche of Irish wilderness …It subverts Shakespearean prose into something utterly revolting – and we love it! Punk has taken over his masterpiece, ‘The Tempest’, and changed its course forever. –

“A young woman’s search for self-expression in the phosphorescent fug of an absurd tempest. Inspiration literally seeps through the cracks in the cave wall” – Exeunt Magazine


Ian Toner, Nomination for Best Performer, Dublin Fringe 2017



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Written By Simon Doyle

Directed by Maeve Stone

9th – 16th September @Peacock Theatre

An hallucinogenic riff on Shakespeare’s last play; A West-Kerry Tempest. Miranda’s been stuck on the island with her dad Prospero for a while now and things have been pretty bad. His threats to give up his magic have always been hollow, until now. He’s run out on her and things have gotten a whole lot worse. Ariel is out of a job, Caliban is dangerously bored, and Miranda is a teenage girl with no supervision. When the real storm hits she finally starts acting like one. In this new play Shakespeare’s characters find themselves in an entirely different context. A modern mash-up with some fierce female music and a new girl at the microphone.


Development: TEMPER TEMPER

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